sx50 Canon Raw - How does it compare to CHDK raw files?

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sx50 Canon Raw - How does it compare to CHDK raw files?

(Reason for question - buy the sx40 & use CHDK or sx50 for about $160 more for Canon Raw - I like Raw as an option)

I suspect this may not yet be tested (a usable CHDK for sx50 yet?), but maybe someone with an CHDK sx40 & sx50 could give some insight or test things.

- How do file sizes compare?

- Does the Canon Raw file give you the 'inside of the lens barrel' when lens is at the widest possible setting? CHDK is a raw dump of sensor data to DNG, no cropping.

On CHDK DNG raws, you will actually 'see' the sides/end of the lens barrel & more importantly can have a small but significantly 'wider' lens, maybe on the order of 2-4mm, on less wide no barrel is visible but still wider than jpeg (for me).

My testing of my very small portable Elph 300hs & earlier on sx260, it seems 2-3mm wider than their approx. 24mm, especially on macro shots where lens distortion/flat field is not as important or visible.

- Using LR4.x/PS-CSx, do/can you get similar results from the CHDK vs Canon Raw files (I assume some version of LR or Camera raw will process sx50 Raw by now)?

- How do the raw files 'look', do they contain the same amount of noise & such?

Thanks for any insight/answers!

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