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Re: to be even more clear

Zisun_ahmed wrote:

David McGaughey wrote:

If you apply exposure compensation, the histogram WILL shift left or right to compensate and the EVF does get brighter/darker. So, that's good. It's not an RGB histogram, though.

This ONLY applies to when you have set shutter or aperture to "A". If you have set shutter and aperture to specific settings (like f/2.8 and 1/500th) and leave iso in an auto mode, then the EVF/histogram/exposure will NOT shift when you use the exposure compensation wheel. It doesn't make much sense to me.

Thanks David McGaughey for the clarification.

yeah it doesn't make sense to me either.But it is a relief that most of the times i use the aperture priority mode,so the viewfinder will show the live histogram and exposure for the scene,am i right?

i hope fuji to solve this ridiculous glitch by a firmwire update sooner than later.Fujifilm seems to hear to their fan base more than any other company does,specially more than sony ever did.

I agree that it's critical to have some sort of exposure preview. Otherwise, what's the benefit of an EVF over an optical VF? If some are concerned that the screen will become too dark when using a flash, why not AT LEAST have the histogram reflect the selected exposure and leave the brightness of the viewfinder constant. That way, the user could adjust the manual settings to avoid blown highlights before shooting the photo. I really agree with others who say that Fuji made a massive fail here. Sony's not the only manufacturer in this category to get this right. Olympus gets it right with the OMD-EM5. And of course every DSLR provides exposure preview in the live view screen.

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