You guys won me over to ETTR

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Re: You guys won me over to ETTR

Detail Man wrote:

sansbury wrote:

Definitely more IQ in the hard areas than I was used to seeing with my standard technique.

Anyway, after the many slash-and-burn threads discussing this topic I am glad I decided to give the technique time and more tries and will continue to experiment with it. I certainly don't think it's a necessity even for scenes that are well-suited for it, but if you are looking to wring every bit of performance out, it is definitely worth your time to try it out.

Asuming a photographer:

(1) Knows that their camera's RAW-level data is reasonably linear up to maximum ADU levels;

(2) Develops technique(s) that they find work for assessing when RAW-level data is at maximum;

(3) Wants to take full advantage of the DR that they paid money for when buying the camera;

(4) Uses a RAW processor that they know to be free from adverse effects when scaling RAWs ...

... then I don't understand why (if/when the above conditions are satisfied) they would not ...

Well, in fairness I will say that right after buying my camera I went on a 5-week road trip around the US, taking a lot of pictures almost every day, no idea of ETTR, and I now have more keepers printed at 17x22 than I have wall space to hang them on. While I am sure there is a situation somewhere that ETTR turned a bum shot into a keeper, so far what I'm seeing is that it takes a shot that might have printed acceptably at 11x17 and turns it into one that can go to 17x22.

Anyway, my gut sense is that with cameras with DR in the 12+ range, you probably *don't* have a whole lot to gain unless you're printing very large or taking lots of shots where you need to lift shadows aggressively. When Michael Reichmann first wrote about ETTR what, ten years ago, sensor capabilities were very different. This isn't to say that there's nothing to be gained, but it needs to be kept in perspective. What was it Ansel Adams said--clear pictures of fuzzy concepts?

Though what the $#@! do I know, I'm still just beginning to make sense of all this stuff myself.

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