How well does the A99 work for sports photography

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The glass may be different for Sony and Minolta

well, if you just read from web, Sony and old Minolta are the same. If you have tried, you would know they are different. Rebadging? I know. I guess Sony is not using the same type of material, perhaps they are using same technology, same dimension etc but is not usingthe same type of material which would give subtle but noticeabl difference to us who use the lens pretty often. Any way, no argument here, my point was I am using Sony because I've got some Minolta good (I think) glasses.

For D600, I have no experience. After hearing from here, I would be very curious to see what Nikon would do about it or at lease they should announce officially whether it is a genuine issue. I hvae no bias towards Nikon but conerning Sport Photographer, there are too many prosin this world who have voted by still using N and C. I do not see any body using SOny in our soccer field, except me of course (but I bring both systems and compare).

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