Sony's RX100 premium case vs a belt case

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Re: Sony's RX100 premium case vs a belt case

Just reporting back on me evaluation for the RX100 cases I purchased:

My purchase of the Napoli 30 didn't eventuate as they had run out of stock, but further investigation lead me to give up pursuing it anyway. Someone I spoke to said it was a rather thin case and had a big gap around the sides where the top folded over, so it didn't offer much protection.

I purchased this on on eBay here, and it seems quite a nice product when you consider the price. I didn't actually try it out on the camera though - I plan on reselling it as I decided after the Cute C4 arrived that I would definitely use a belt case. It's much more discrete than walking around with a camera hanging around your neck!

3. KATA DF-406

A nice fit for the RX100, if a little tall. Offers good protection but it is a lot bulkier than the Cute C4 and certainly not as stylish. On your belt it certainly gets in the way a lot more than the Cute C4.

3. CUTE C4

This case fits the RX100 like it was made for it - you can see in rrockley's images he kindly uploaded on the first page of this thread. The only thing I don't like is like the Napoli 30 there is a bit of a gap at the top of the case on the sides when the top flap folds down, so it's not really weather-tight. I would prefer a case that sealed off better so dust couldn't get in (am I being a bit too paranoid about dust?).

The belt loop is fixed too so you can't easily unclip it. Other than that though it looks and feels so nice it seems like a case deserving of the RX100, so it's my choice at present.

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