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Re: X100 owners....

I've had the ability to learn a crazy amount about photography in short time ive had my x100 then any other camera ive owned the past 10 years.

focusing was quirky so in the modern age of digital i learned zone focusing.

focusing was quirky so i learned how to shoot using MF which i thought I knew, but until you do it full time you dont really fully appreciate it.

being limited but not limited to a outstanding and fast fixed 35mm lens.

wasnt the fastest camera in terms of shooting and operation so i learned to spend more time understanding what exactly i wanted to capture and plug in the right settings to take one shot and get it right the first time.

Of course faster AF and faster write speeds are awesome, but if users havent sold their x100's already i doubt they will since its still an amazing little camera.

that being said if i just bought an x100 in the past 60 days and havent spent months learning it, id definitely sell/wait for x100s reviews as its safe to say it will be an upgrade.

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