Grid for Elinchrom 27" Beauty Dish??

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Re: Grid for Elinchrom 27" Beauty Dish??

Hugowolf wrote:

Don89 wrote:

I have the same 27" Beauty Dish. I bought two grids from Honeygrids. They fit just fine. I did not measure them, but they were made for Elinchrom. One white and one black. Interesting thing is there is much less light loss using the white grid. Great for outside when you might need just a bit more power.

A white grid is much less effective at doing what a grid is supposed to do, constrain light spread, but it will abosrb less light. I have seen standard 7 inch relectors with black interiors, but that are a rare beast.

Brian A

I Have both grids and used them both. White does great and does spread the light a bit more. Try them side by side and see. Good for the purpose intended. Black 7 inchers? Intriguing. I may just try that.

I've heard of people who have painted their Dishes and Reflectors then steel wooled/brushed a bit of the paint away for taste. Maybe in my spare time!

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