Using a body cap lens on an E-PM1

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Re: Using a body cap lens on an E-PM1

Tyrophotographer wrote:

I bought the thingie, and I read that one is supposed to set the camera to ”no lens“ in some obscure menu option. I can't find that, and wonder if anyone knows how it is supposed to work on an E-PM1.

As mentioned, the "no lens" thing is peculiar to Panasonic bodies only.

Just mount the lens and away you go, remembering that there is only manual focus by the lever and the aperture is fixed at f/8. Also if using IBIS then make sure to set the focal length in IBIS to 15mm.

The lens has no contacts hence no communication with the body, so your exif data will show no lens or details about aperture etc.

If using Shading Compensation turned on in the menus then again this won't work, so any corner darkening (vignetting) will need to be adjusted in post process.

Regards...... Guy

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