Is there a Gh3 wish & bug list thread yet?

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Re: Is there a Gh3 wish & bug list thread yet?

amtberg wrote:

npa201 wrote:

Don't know if this is just my own lack of knowledge of the camera or specific to my cam:

1) Sometimes the camera doesn't turn back on when it goes into sleep mode. If I press a few buttons it does nothing. Then I have to physically flick the on/off switch and it works.

2) I think sometimes the camera doesn't recognize the lens is engaged with the body and I see nothing through the EVF. This didn't seem like an issue on the GH2. Maybe this is due to panny claiming this is weather sealed and enforcing tighter parameters?

I haven't experienced either of those problems.

3) I created a few custom modes for video and was hoping it would save the AF mode I want these custom modes to be in. Instead, it seems to default to whatever AF mode I'm currently in. Is there a way to do this?

I don't see that here. AF mode is saved with the custom setting.

4) Is there a way to completely turn off the wifi button? Occassionally, I hit it when reaching for ISO or WB button (I think, don't have the camera in front of me) which can cause me missing the shot as it tries to turn on Wifi mode.

You could simply assign it a different function.

Huh...You're right on AF.  Oh, there was another thing that I was trying to figure out with custom modes.  On my C1 I have a 1080p24fps movie mode and my C2 is 1080p60fps.  I was under the impression that the best shutter speed (at least in prior gh2 discussions) was 2x the frame rate.  So for 24fps, one would want to set the shutter speed to 1/50 and for 60fps to 1/120.  You can use other shutter (faster) speeds but that will make the video look choppy (which may not be bad, but perhaps not what you're always looking for).  Anyway, is there any way to set shutter speed to each custom setting?  For some reason when I set it for C1, it sticks for C2 and vice versa.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong here?  I believe I started each custom setting in manual mode and then saved them as each custom setting.

As for #4.  I think I could maybe switch the EVF and the WiFi?  Where in the menus can I switch the buttons?  Thanks.

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