Vertical Sweep Panorama on RX-100 greatly reduced sweeping angle compared to horizontal mode?

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Re: Vertical pano is wider than you're getting

Digital Nigel wrote:

EuronGreyjoy wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

Perhaps then you could just post an RX100 vertical panorama shot?

Hi, ok yeah sure.

This is using the RX100, vertical panorama, wide setting, holding camera upward, left to right(5536 x 2160):

So after reading a bit more, this will be as wide as it can go on vertical setting.

This is the same scene with RX100, horizontal panorama, wide setting (12416 x 1856):

My gripe with the vertical panorama on the RX100 is that unlike prior sony models (such as my WX-5), you don't get to sweep as far anymore.

With my WX-5, the same situation above in vertical mode would produce a panorama as wide as the horizontal panorama of the RX100, if not slightly wider.(can't test now, WX5 is broken)

Here is an example of how wide the WX5 goes in vertical mode, a pic I took in Shanghai (4912 x 1920):

I am aware that the WX5 uses less resolution and also that the quality of the panorama is worse but in good light (and even with the camera supposedly using movie mode instead of merging actual photos) it can be very handy be able to shoot super wide vertical panoramas such as the one I just posted. Also, it is much easier on the WX%, there was no such thing as you're going to fast or too slow. You'd just hit it and sweep as you like, again, probably due to the camera just filming instead of taking pics.

Had I used an RX 100 in vertical mode here, either the tracks on the far left or the train on the far right wouldn't be visible.

And had I used the horizontal mode on RX100, the rooftop wouldn't have been visible.

This may be nitpicking but I really wish RX100 would let you sweep as far as WX5

H'mm, I'm not too keen on that rather compressed panorama shot -- it makes it look like the Maglev is about to go round a sharp, right-angle bend. I think it's very distorting. I suppose that it could be useful if you want a fish-eye effect, but for more normal shots, I prefer what the RX100 and NEX cameras do. But I could imagine a use for a 'super wide' panorama mode which simply keeps the shutter firing for some more frmaes, so you get an even wider vertical panorama that would have the same aspect ratio as a horizontal panorama, but with the extra height you wanted.

Agreed. They do get very fish-eye-like usually. A software update to allow for more shots like you said would be nice. But yeah, I hear you, the RX-100 panoramas are actually indeed nicer on the whole.

As an aside, how did you find the maglev? I travelled on it just over a year ago, and was disappointed. It wasn't as smooth as I expected (bumpier than a high speed train), and in off-peak hours, was limited to a top speed of 300 km/h, less than the fastest modern high speed conventional trains. Certainly, a 320 km/h TGV was a better experience.

Ok I didn't know that, I only went at 300km/h. Fastest train I ever rode but overall nothing special. The mob in the subway after the speed train to get into town was more memorable. Not in a good way though, was kind of like a front row punk concert athmosphere, getting in and out only achieved by rude pushing. Japan shows that it doesn't have to be that way even with a full train. Ah well

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