DP3 Merrill leaked

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Re: DP3 Merrill leaked

Harold66 wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

idea. A compact camera with no-compromise short telephoto – MACRO lens is quite a versatile piece of kit in my opinion.

Well , I beg to differ

if this indeed is supposed to be a portrait lens , why did not make it equivalent to a 80mmor 85mm and ..more importantly .. why the heck a macro lens

Good grief... why not!? 75mm is fine for portrait work. It may not be perfect but it's quite useable.

Again - why not macro? It's all very nice to jump up and down and complain about something you haven't even tried yet.

The extra course it has to run is going to make the AF slower , not that the other dpm's are speeed demons when it comes to AF

Unless of course it has some kind of a focus limit switch

Maybe it has.

not to mention that a portrait camera with a 3;2 ratio only is not a good choice for those of us who shoot verticals

Ever heard of cropping? The Merrill sensor is plenty big enough.

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