D600 dust/oil. Everybody is running around with their hair on fire. Is there really an issue?

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Unquestionably! Peter

Peter Jonas wrote:Things happen. There is a first time for everything ...

How do you mean"repeated issue"? My understanding, has been that you are about to send your camera to Nikon for the first time with the dust problem. As far as I know your previous incident with this camera was a faulty shutter, at which time you were not aware of the a dust problem with your particular unit. Am I wrong?

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Peter Jonas

Things happen. Unquestionably! Peter, but when there is just single problem repetitively going over and over to the same model then there is something wrong common to the model in question.

My previous incident was an “Error” and the camera was freezing up, Nikon service told me it was a faulty shutter, then I discover the 3200+ actuations, that was weird for me, but the camera was returned super-clean from the service and I was happy……. then after just 4 days and about 50 pictures there were oil spot on the upper left of my pictures….. I cleaned the sensor…… but later, after about 80 more pictures the oil-spot returned…..

Now looking too my older pictures I can see there where some oil-spot probably mixed with dirt as at that time I was traveling and shooting with different lenses all the time…….that’s why I didn’t worry too much then and I didn’t care about if it was oil or normal dust as result of exchanging lenses frequently.



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