Anyone with the Zeiss 15/2.8 been game enough to cut the hood off yet?

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Re: ND grads will become obsolete in near future

Johan1967 wrote:

flbrit wrote:

Actually, I'll send him my 16-35 f4 in excelent condition in exchange for the Zeiss. As you infer, the 16-35 comes with a filter ring, VR and a detachable( with no surgery) lens hood.

I still feel this is a 1st April post but if people need grads that bad, why not wait for the market to produce a solution, (as it did for the 14-24), hand hold a filter, or kludge the 14-24 solution.

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ND grads will become obsolete in near future.

When sensor-technology improves no ND grads are needed anymore. In future some parts of the sensor can selectively collect more or less light when needed. There are already this kind of solutions in development.

i use reverse nd grad - and 3 stop nd often in tandem...

regardless of sensor there i think there will be occasions to use them...

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