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Re: Fuji press conference LIVE

Bernie Ess wrote:

I am VERY disappointed in the X Series lens development. If we are looking at big delays on the 14mm, and April (who knows if that is going to be on time) for the 55-200, then we'll be looking over the horizon near 2014 for the 23mm, and beyond that for the wide zoom and 56mm at this rate.

I am happy I'll have fun stuff to play with in the meantime, but what I really need are lenses. You would think that a priority for a company with an interchangeable lens system they are trying to gain support for.


Well, patience is a virtue. Want the 35mm? Want the 56? the 23 - want it all and now? If you had it, after 4-5 months you'd be looking out for the next big thing, guaranteed.

No lens will stuff the hole inside the impatient mind.

Except relaxing.

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Not true. If those are the focal lengths you like to shoot at and have done so for a while, I don't really see the logic of your statement, nor how you can guarantee such a thing.

Personally, I have always shot ultra wide (14-18mm), 35mm, and 85mm. The only thing to change in years has been that I now shoot 50mm more than I once did.

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