DIY canvas stretching. EasyWrappe Pro / Hahnemuhle

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John W Hall Contributing Member • Posts: 549
Re: DIY canvas stretching. EasyWrappe Pro / Hahnemuhle
... are you still using the pre-made bars, or did you make your own?...

I used the similar product from Breathing Color (probably same as Hahnemuhler's), and will soon be ordering more.

IMHO it's not feasible to make your own, unless you have a good woodworking shop.

There are some rather fancy mitre cuts and you'd need a router and significant time, and well-seasoned and stable hard wood. Also the corner braces etc.

Most/all of the sizes come only in whole inches, i.e. no 10.5" etc.

HOWEVER you CAN make intermediate sizes, by cutting a pair of whole-inch bars (leaving the short piece long enough to be useful for another size). and splicing the end pieces (each any length you wish, within reason, but totalling 10.5" for the above example) with a simple rectangular section bar that is a tight fit in the groove (with glue).  Breathing Color sells the splicing bars.

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