Some GH3 first impressions..

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Some GH3 first impressions..

bluelemmy wrote:

I did a video on the Lumix Link here. You might find it useful. I don't know what AEB is though.

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Nice video, thanks!

One thing I'm unclear on is whether or not you need to fiddle with things once you've established connectivity.   For example, let's say that I've downloaded and installed Lumix Link and gotten to work perfectly.   I've tested everything and enabled features like GPS tagging using my Smartphone's built-in GPS.  Terrific.

The next day I go out with my Smartphone in my pocket idling with GPS and WiFi enabled.   When I turn on the GH3 (with WiFi also enabled) do I need to do anything in order to have my pictures GPS tagged?  Or will the GH3 and phone just "see" each other, automatically establish the connection with no actions on my part, and transfer the data transparently?

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