New MX-1, good name, good idea ... wrong execution !

Started Jan 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
anthony mazzeri Senior Member • Posts: 2,024
Re: Anthony....

leopold wrote:


the think is that the camera looks good for a compact design with a bigger sensor than the other ones.

But i think they should not have named it MX-1, they should reserved the MX name for a camera for serious photographers with an APS-C sensor at least... unless they come-up with an LX-1 ???

Or, they could call it the KR after the similar looking Ricoh SLRs back then. Except K-r has already been used by Pentax..

Whichever name they choose, a new DSLR using this old-style brass plates design will be very interesting I think.

And I'm also starting to picture a Pentax WR MILC with EVF akin to the OM-D now with this design. Maybe that will be the this fabled new Ricoh camera that's been mentioned. Actually, I fully expect it now! 

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