X-Pro 1 Rugged-Weather Proof?

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Re: X-Pro 1 Rugged-Weather Proof?

WAGeo wrote:


I have been investigating the X-Pro 1 and despite the myriad of complaints I am attracted to it. My last film camera was a Leica M6 and I still miss the feel of that!

I am a geologist and need a weather proof rugged camera for the field. I am leaning more towards a DSLR but the smaller X-Pro 1's size makes it draw even.

I understand the battery life is sub par but I can buy batteries.

I know it's late in production and probably the worst time to buy it value wise...right?

I can not find any comments on how it deals with the elements. Has anyone here used it during expedition conditions? Of course I would take care of it but occationally I'd want to get a shot on a misty day or drop its padded bag etc... Imagine 6 week backpacking trips! This is where size/weight comes in.

Am I on the right track even considering the X-Pro 1?



WAGeo, I work as a mineral explorer in the Himalayan region. While I do have a XP1 with the 35mm and a Nikon adaptor, it is not the main camera I use in the field and it stays in base camp. My main field camera is a D700 with a 50mm 1.4 and a 20mm 2.8. Yes, heavy, but does the job and can take a bit of battering (and it is quite battered). In addition, in comparison, the XP1 is slower to use than the D700 although I much prefer it (the XP1) for landscapes. The battery life, as you mentioned, is also troublesome.

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