Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video

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Re: Panasonic GH3 Tips and Tricks Setup Guide Video / Great video.

mpgxsvcd wrote:

So far all we have seen are videos that show the exact same issue with the EVF and people who claim that the video represents exactly what they see. Then we have people who don't have the issue but have not posted videos where you can see the screen properly.

I understand how you can say that some people don't have the issue. That is entirely plausible. However, I cannot fathom how you can then turn around and say that there isn't an issue with any of the EVF's. It is as clear as can be in the video. If you used my camera you would see the same thing.

I am sending my camera in for repair for both the flash issue and the EVF issue next week. Then we will see if Panasonic can resolve it. The flash issue is really annoying but I seem to be the only one with the issue.

I posted a video where it is clearly seen that there is virtually no ghosting whatsoever.    If you watch it in 1080 full screen, it is plenty large enough to show there is no issue at all.   If you choose to ignore it, so be it.

I absolutely did NOT say there were no problems with any of the GH3s.   The problems are very real for some people.   What isn't clear is if different people perceive the same GH3 EVF differently.   Can you say with certainty that what I would see in your GH3's EVF will look that same as what you see?    I don't know how you could possibly come to that conclusion.

I'm definitely not saying I have answers to this conundrum, and have presented but one theory and stated it as such.  It bothers me when people make rash assumptions and present them as facts, like "Without a doubt the GH3 has a halo issue with the EVF".    Yes, you changed it in your article, but you get very defensive and ignore all data presented by those who don't have issues.

I've seen 2 videos that show clear EVFs, but really it's meaningless...I can make 2 videos at will, one showing the ghosting and one showing clear depending on the focal length I choose for the  recording camera.

What I tend to believe are those several people that have tried multiple cameras and indicate they all look the same, whether good or bad.    This tends to eliminate the camera as the culprit and enforces that people might be the difference.

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