Talk me into a the T4i over the 60D (My thoughts on the on-paper comparison)...

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Re: Talk me into a the T4i over the 60D (My thoughts on the on-paper comparison)...

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I was fortunate to sell my 60D about a month before the price drop (lucky me I guess), but am now looking for another DSLR. I'll be buying in the next couple weeks (after CES for sure), and here's the deal:

With the 60D only $50 more than the T4i, why would I go with the T4i? Granted I might be able to sell the kit lens for $75, making the 60D $125, but the 60D still seems worth the extra $125.

My thoughts on:

  1. The touch screen. Seems more like a PITA than an advantage. It is capacitive touch, so thats good. Corrective me if I'm wrong but I can't imagine it being useful for much.
  2. Autofocus during video is great and all, but from the videos I've seen it has a little ways to go before it is really useable. Plus the limitations on lenses. Either way, I prefer to be the driving force behind my focusing.
  3. Autofocus for stills. From everything I have read it is not really any different than the 60d. All 9 points are cross type on each camera. The basic digic 5 processor doesn't really make a difference in that regard. Which leads me to my next thought:
  4. The digic 5 (non +) processor. ISO performance doesn't seem to be any better than the digic 4 in the 60D. Burst speed is just as fast (I know this relies mostly on the write media). Maybe this will make a difference with later firmware upgrades, but who's to know right now?
  5. The body. I haven't actually held the T4i, but the T3i felt like I was holding a plastic child's play thing. I'm not saying it's not a great camera, only that it didn't feel so solid. Plus the 60D is "Weather Sealed" (emphases on the quotes).
  6. The viewfinder. Pentaprism vs pentamirror. Enough said.
  7. The battery. The standard LP-E6 in the 60D is much better than the T4i's battery. The LP-E6 is the battery used in the FF cameras as well. The 60D battery lasts nearly 3 times longer, especially with an aftermarket higher mAh battery.
  8. The lack of a top LCD. I used that a lot. Many people say they never see the need for one. I'm kind of beginning to think that many of the people who say they "don't see the advantage" of one just don't have one. Maybe that's just me.
  9. The age of the 60D. Yeah, the 60D is a couple years old while the T4i is brand new, but what matters to me is the performance of the camera, not how new it is.

So what am I missing?


I haven't actually used the T4i. I live over 100 miles from a legitimate camera store, so the trip has to be planned.

You can compare specs at

Here is my short answer:

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