P7700's Digital Zoom examples

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Re: P7700's Digital Zoom examples

rhit wrote:

I think you're missing the point which is that if someone posts 50 times about how terrible something is...your posting 50 times contesting that assertion is equally as futile and, by forum guidelines, inappropriate.

Respectfully you are missing the point in regards to Shotcents.

Yes, he posts numerous 'times about how terrible something is....'

But the responses are not coming from one member, namely me, Nikonworks, according to your Moderation Post, the responses are coming from several members who state their position quite clearly.

This is why I ask you not to include me.

I do not flame this member and in fact informed him I will not respond to his posts and

I asked him politely not to respond to my posts.

I understand that a Moderator has to be evenhanded, but take note at the few times and the content of which I responded to Shortcents.

There is nothing to be evenhaded about. It is your decision to take a singular action to ensure this Forum is appealing to members and Newbies alike.

And as far as my providing substance to this Coolpix Forum, I have posted several of my experiences and suggestions on using the P7700 to a very favorable response from members.

And, from a macro view, the majority of readers aren't interested in your respective points after the second, third or fourth postings. By repeating yourselves so aggressively and so frequently,

There is nothing aggressive nor repetitive about any of my posts and as I just explained it is Shotcents on one side and Several Members responding on the other side.

you completely trivialize your arguments. Readers stop caring. No one else posts. Thread dies.

Doesn't matter whose point is more valid.

If you need an example, look at this thread.

Yes, I reponded once to Shotcents reminding him I asked him not to respond to my posts, and once to Ben, thanking him for getting the thread back on message.

So please, don't include me with Shotcents.

And that is the key issue I was elucidating in my posting.

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