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WilbaW wrote:

imqqmi wrote:

I am wondering if it's not more useful to turn it around and show say 10 pictures with different themes and show what kind of lenses would be most useful to shoot them with?

I like it, and I can't think of anyone better to supply the images.

You may grab any from my gallery my friend if you think they're usable

The way I think I would use that idea is to illustrate the "best for" categories I mentioned in the OP. Now it's starting to sound like an article in its own right, rather than a section of the FAQ.

That's how my creative process usually goes, I have a certain theme, subject and/or event and light conditions and then I start thinking what lens would be suitable.

Yeah, I was thinking about clustering lenses in that way. At this stage I just want to gather enough information to see if its a viable idea.

That's how I started learning photograhy, looking at EXIF info, the lighting and composition of the shots that I like. Putting an assortment on one site and serving all the info right there is just too convenient I'm interested to see how this develops!

Just my 2 cents

1 cent change.

Thanks! We need every penny these days

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