Anyone with the Zeiss 15/2.8 been game enough to cut the hood off yet?

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Zeiss will come with version without shade.

Tenoch wrote:

It's a real shame that Zeiss released this lens with a permanent lens shade. I don't really see what purpose it serves that couldn't be served as a detachable shade. Big props to them for making a great UWA lens that has a filter thread, but what a stupid decision to affix a permanent hood, meaning no Lee filters.

I look at that lens and wonder if it would be possible to (very carefully) cut the hood shades off, file the cuts back so they are smooth, and then (optionally) repaint to cover the marks? Do this, grab a 95mm Lee ring and you're set with a near perfect UWA (except price.)

So, owners of this fine lens, possible to cut off the shades? Anyone game enough to try? Or insanity to take a hacksaw to a $3000 lens?

I must admit I've considered it, although the total non-availability of stock around here at the moment acts as an impediment to that.

Just see their website:

And then look at the Community comments.

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