Fujifilm Filters vs B+W Filters, any experience?

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Re: Fujifilm Filters vs B+W Filters, any experience?

TexasBuyer wrote:

I noticed that Fujifilms has a promotion where Fujifilm filters are being discounted when purchased with the 35mm f1.4 lens. How does the Fujifilm filter perform vs a multicoated B+W filter or a multicoated Heliopan filter?

I have two of the Fuji filters, and I think in terms of light transmission and reflection repression, they are pretty much on par with the better B+H filters. However, the coating on the most recent (past few years) B+W filters seems to really clean up easier than the Fuji filters do, so I prefer the B+W. On the other hand, since the Fujis were offered at almost no cost when the mating lenses were purchased (I know this was not at many retailers) it was hard not to get them. And I do use them.

I have several of the Helipan MC also, but none are newer than 5 years so I am hesitant to compare them.

Both the B+W and Helipoan use machined brass rings which I prefer also (the Fuji are aluminum).

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