Your thoughts: Zeiss 135mm or 70-200mm f/4 + 28mm f/1.8?

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Re: Your thoughts: Zeiss 135mm or 70-200mm f/4 + 28mm f/1.8?

A follow up to my comments on the Nikon 70-200mm f/4 that I made a few posts up. The other day I was able to compare this lens with the Nikon 105mm micro. Tests using tripod for infinity landscape shot. To cut story short the zoom holds up well in the center, but cannot compete in the corners. The 105mm macro utilizes the potential of the d800e sensor, while the zoom cannot. Difference is subtle, but real. I printed the upper-left corner area at the equivalent of 20" x 30" (240dpi) and the difference is visible to the eye. Would it be a game changer in selling a print? I don't think so, unless a knowledgeable buyer is looking. But to me it is the difference in obtaining medium format digital-ish quality (why I bought the d800e) compared to a standard large dslr enlargements. I still want the 70-200mm f/4, but it will have to wait until I fill out my quality lens line.

So for now I have order the 85mm f/1.8g (don't need macro and 85mm is sharper).

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