D800 replacement in the feauture

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Re: D800 replacement in the feauture

When people make technology predictions, their thinking is usually bound by what's available today or modest improvements.

The reality is that technology takes exponential leaps over time...

My guess is that resolution will be important in the future, but photography, computing and displays will be so different from today that traditional dSLRs/cameras will experience a similar fate as the point & shoot market.

DSLRs will still take great pictures, but it will be more of retro novelty (like shooting film these days).

Displays will be cheap, huge, super thin and everywhere. Chances are that many surfaces in our homes will be a high resolution display in 5 years that aren't much thinker than wallpaper or are projected.

Cameras will likely just be embedded in glasses or hats or a button (or as a contact lens) capturing everything a person sees. Imagine the Lytro camera on steroids 10 years from now. From the raw data, you can then produce and process stills/video however you like.

It will take a few years, but it will get there. There's no doubt Nikon will come up with a D800 successor or different line - it's a business after all. It'll likely be 50+ MP and hopefully the sensor/shutter/AF technology will progress enough to make it work.

But that doesn't mean they or someone else won't take a radically different approach.

Now for the sentimentalist in me - there's nothing like a beautiful image to capture a moment. And so I'm not sure I'd ever want to give up my traditional DSLR.

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