Is a separate anti virus program necessary for W8

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Jim Cockfield wrote:

malch wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

"Minimal Interruptions - Comodo Internet Security Complete 2013 relieves you of the responsibility of deciding whether to block or allow untrusted files – it makes the decisions for you. "

There's a huge red flag right there. Actually, two red flags:

1. This defeats the whole purpose of running a firewall, IMO. A firewall is supposed to give me the responsibility/control.

2. Comodo is headed down the same old all-in-one bloatware road that we've seen so many times before.

I prefer to use the free edition of Sphinx Windows7FirewallControl:

I can't say that I love using it. However, it's very small and light, 100% effective, and it's never created the interoperability problems I've seen with ZoneAlarm et al.

It's basically just a simple GUI -- all of the real work is done by Windows itself via the appropriate API's and that in part is why it is so efficient and well behaved.

The problem is that most typical PC users don't understand what the alerts mean, and if they should allow or deny the behavior of an application.

I've seen Comodo blasted in reviews over and over, because it gives the user more responsibility when using older products where everything was blocked by default, and the user needed to OK each thing a program wants to do (updating registry entries, accessing the internet, etc.).

So, they've incorporated a lot of new features into the newer version, so that it handles that kind of thing automatically using it's defaults.

For example, running software that isn't white listed yet in a sandbox automatically, while uploading the program files to Comodo for behavior analysis; defaults that automatically quarantine malware without any popups versus asking the user what to do, etc.

But, you can change that behavior if you're a more advanced user, so that you determine what an app can or cannot do, even if it's determined to be safe. Those kinds of things are configurable via check boxes and drop down lists for the Firewall, AV protection, etc.

IOW, it's designed to offer good protection without user intervention, as many PC users would not understand how to respond to alerts asking if a program should or should not be able to do something, and that's one reason reviewers have blasted it's previous releases.

But, it's behavior is highly configurable if you're a more advanced user and want more control over what rules it uses for a given application.

I've been impressed with some of the video reviews I've seen of the latest Comodo release so far from someone that reviews a lot of AV products (testing both the first and final beta of it not long ago).

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I tried Comodo but it did seem to install lots of things I didnt want (I opted for express install) I had to do a re-install of W8 but am wondering hows best to install it again, custom I suppose...


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