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If you're a Nikon fan and are concerned about weather sealing, and have used a D300, which has at least some rubber weather seals, I'm not sure why you would consider a camera in which the most vulnerable part - the shutter button - has no sealing material, and in which none of the visible sealing is the traditional and effective hard rubber, but is, instead, soft foam. If you flip the 7D's CF and battery doors open, you will also see that the foam material sometimes extends only half way round the opening.

I wouldn't consider the 7D to be weather sealed, although the body is certainly well constructed in other ways.

On the other hand, it is not true to say that any sealing present is useless unless you use a sealed lens (unless you're talking about submersion) - I've lost equipment to water ingress via top buttons, but have never had any water penetrating through the lens mount so, if the top buttons had been sealed, my camera would not have broken.

There is also no point in taking any notice of ridiculous 'test videos', such as produced by DigitalRev, where a piece of electronic equipment is exposed to water when it is switched off, then immediately and thoroughly dried out before it is switched on again - the problems electronics have with water are due to them being switched on when wet, or being left wet long enough to cause corrosion; any unsealed piece of equipment could survive DigitalRev's test just as well - possibly better as the lack of sealing may allow it to dry out more quickly.

If I were starting from scratch, I would go with one of the companies that do weather-proof their mid-range equipment - such as Olympus, Pentax, or, to a lesser extent, Nikon. Apparently Panasonic's new GH3 is also splashproof, so it's good to see that some companies are charging less than £3000 for a weather-proofed camera.

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