D600 dust/oil. Everybody is running around with their hair on fire. Is there really an issue?

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Too close?

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if it were hysteria as you suggest then you would hear the same complaints about oil and debris on other Nikon bodies to the SAME degree.

Maybe yes, maybe no about the "same" degree.

For many the D600 is their first body with more than 12 MP. 100% from 24MP is extra magnification of any dust or liquid drops that might get on the sensor.

I know five UK D600 owners who say they do not have a dust problem.

In the UK, and I understand in USA, if you'll get a camera with a specific dust problem your legal right is that the retailer should give you a refund or replacement.

If you have a normal dust issue, as with any other digital body, surely you either clean it yourself or pay somebody to clean it

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Leonard Shepherd
Many problems turn out to be a lack of intimate knowledge of complex modern camera equipment.

I’m a Nikon fan and I owned:

1= D70

2= D200








10= D600

My actual camera D600, have an oil-spots problem, and is a repeated issue that never happened with any other of my Nikons.

Regards, Ed.

This is a common pattern. Previous DX Nikon owners discover that FX is more prone to collect dirt. Is this a possibility? Just a thought.

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I suspect that the camera is too compact and the big sensor is too close to shutter mechanism, the mirror, etc.


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