Nikon is working on a mirrorless APS-C camera system

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Re: The mirrorless camera Nikon needs

Dennis wrote:

... Point is, whether your or I would buy one, Sony has already more or less done it (minus the PDAF-on-sensor needed to get rid of the semi-transparent mirror) and it's likely that Nikon and Canon will introduce entry level EVF bodies.

Pentax was a bad idea for producing a little brick that lacked an EVF and that relied on CDAF. Not to mention the ugly design.

- Dennis

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Sony has done it with aps format with PDAF-on-sensor cameras. The NEX-6 (integrated EVF) and the NEX-5R (add on EVF and touch screen LCD).

I totally agree the K-01 has issues with it's lack of EVF. May users love the K-01. The basic K-01 needs a tilt screen. I also think it NEEDS an accessory port for an add-on EVF.

WIth the 1 Nikon series, Nikon got it right with the EVF of the V1 (and now V2). I only hope Nikon returns to the controls of their classic FX and DX dSLRs with future updates to the V1 and V2. The V2 is a very good start interms of controls.

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