MacBook Pro 15" Retina - 8GB enough?

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Re: MacBook Pro 15" Retina - 8GB enough?

First of all - I agree - a 16GB upgrade would be better. Have to consider that.

Tom_N wrote:

p.s. I think Apple made a big mistake from a consumer perspective by integrating both hdd and ram into the body of the retina versions, instead of making it swappable - but I guess we all agree on that one.

The RAM and SSD arrangements are part of the trade-off for making the machine thinner and lighter than the regular 15" MBPs (despite having a higher-capacity battery).

That's what they'd like us to believe. If they are such great designers, they must have seen other options. I think it's a cash cow. What saved wheight and space was the removal of an optical device and the usage of SSDs only. Remove the optical bay on the old MB and you'd have place for even more batteries

If you would prefer a 15" Mac notebook with user-serviceable RAM and a user-serviceable HD bay, there are the non-Retina 15" models. Same CPUs and GPUs, more built-in ports, and on those, you have the option of a "hi-res" (1680x1050) anti-glare screen.

So chose the lower level model to receive user upgrade possibility - and how is that consumer friendly. Not speak of how overpriced the upgrades actually are (in both cases).

Not only is the upgrading an issue on the retina versions. Should a memory or ssd module be faulty, the whole machine has to be replaced and honestly - Apple isn't known for their great warranties.

But - they do make beautiful hardware and software and I might be somewhat biased


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