Kodak gifts from eBay

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Re: Kodak gifts from eBay

124c41 wrote:

I didn't really want these three Kodak items and merely bidded the starting price of 99p for the cams and same for the printer dock as I never expected to win and I just wanted to see what they would fetch.

I won the lot for the starting prices and they all work 100% so can't be bad!!

The CX6445 in particular will hold its own with any point 'n' shoot at most screen resolutions I'm sure and the CX7300 will put up a fair showing too. All IMHO naturally but as chiue has what I'm pretty sure what is virtually the same cam as the CX6445, he may well agree.

Quick pics of chiue's pic off my monitor...

CX 7300

CX 6445

Aw, come on now - it all helps keeping KTF alive!


Forgot to add: Only crop and downsizing - no colour, brightness or contrast adjustments.

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