16-50 Nex 6 focusing issue with PDAF

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Re:BEJERSEY (pancake lens- does not require firmware update)

Bart Hickman wrote:

captura wrote:

My 5R said v.1 or v.0 for the camera and nothing else, with the 18-55 mounted.

After I installed the v.02 update for the 18-55, selected specifically, the v.02 (lens) also showed up.

In your case we are dealing with a 6 and 16-50 which, as I was informed on this forum, already had the v.02 (lens) pre-installed at the factory. If v.02 is not showing up where one would expect it to show up, (as on my 5R) the WHY?

1- maybe it is NOT installed. Indicated by the large hatched area NOT showing up on the screen.

2'nd possibility...Sony instaled/enabled PDAF but failed to put the v.02 (lens) notification in the menu. Perhaps because in the unique case of the 6 which was factory-installed with V.02, thyis would really NOT be an update at all?

All I can think of.


I have the hatched area, but more than that, I can tell PDAF is working in AF-C mode due to complete lack of perceivable hunting when tracking a subject moving towards or away from the camera. When I shut off PDAF, the hunting starts happening.

Why do you think the NEX-6 and 16-50 need v2 firmware to enable PDAF? Who, on this forum, told you the 16-50 came installed with v02 firmware? I think all NEX-6 have firmware 1.0 and all 16-50 have firmware 01.

I needed to get 02 firmware for my 55-210, but that lens predated the NEX-6 and 16-50, so I can understand that.


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I believe it's like this:

For 18-55 there was a v01 (no PDAF) and now there is 02 (with PDAF).

For 16-50 v01 is with PDAF. It's so simple. There was no reason to name 16-50 firmware version with 02 because the first version (01) is already using PDAF. Maybe in future we will see some other firmware version for this lens that will be named 02.

This lens comes with PDAF enabled from factory and it's firmware is capable to use PDAF starting with it's first version.

So I guess there is no reason to search for v02 for 16-50 (yet).

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