got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

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Re: got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

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Also in reply to slynky,

I am not saying you are wrong in taking your stand. I respect it if I get DQ'ed if I did not follow a rule (I sometimes overlook a rule). I even respect it if I get DQ'ed if the host has a different interpretation of a rule, it is the hosts challenge, it is the hosts privilege.

I am just saying, life isn't just black and white. If someone forgot to enter a description but submitted a great image, I appreciate it if the host values the image over the fact that the entrant forgot to enter a description. In my opinion the challenges are all about the images, not about rules that have little or nothing to do with the image, that is why a prefer the more lenient approach... but like I said it's the hosts prerogative if he/she thinks a strict ruling should be enforced.

I do agree that for sake of fairness the ruling of the host should be consistent, not in the least for rules that really are all about the image.

When an entry gets DQ'd, it is removed from view and an autogenerated message is sent to the entrant, wherein the reasons for DQ are explained.

Alternatively, the host has the option to send a PM to the entrant, explaining that the entry has to be removed and replaced in a correct(ed) manner...

You'd think it is the same thing, but it's not. Sometimes the PM'd entrant does not react, and the improperly formed entry still hangs in there, collecting complaints. In the end, it will be DQ'd anyway.

The improperly submitted entry has to be replaced, either by the entrant upon warning received by means of PM or DQ, or by someone else submitting a correct entry.

Of all the options, DQ is by far the most effective, and the entrant has the most of the submission time left for corrections.

Of course, I wish I'd never have to DQ an entry - God knows I give ample warnings about the necessity of minding the rules, but I have yet to discover the way which would make people actually read what's been written, and enter their submissions right the first time.

So far, 50% of all entries per challenge have to be replaced... There's an ominous message in all that "read hate", as if the World reacts to internet with a sort of regression into pictography.

Sad, really. Almost as sad as our troll's new S-I-G-N-A-T-U-R-E up there.

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I read my post, several times over again... and your reply... I really don't see how your reply relates to what I wrote... maybe you replied to the wrong message... if this reply is meant to be like it is... then you are indirectly calling me a troll for no reason what so ever... then your reaction just says everything there is about you and what kind of person you are.

Far be it from me to go and offend you in any way, rest assured. My reply was merely an illustration of importance of following the rules! I was actually thinking of how you admitted to forget a rule every now and again... It happens to me too, to everyone, no big problem.

My point was also that disqualification is not necessarily a bad thing, also why it's by far the most practical way to let the entrant know that an image needs to be corrected (of course, it's best to load up the entry correctly the first time).

What I tried to say, the rules are not only for the entrants, these are there to ensure that all entrants have the same set of circumstances. But most of all they're for the host, so s/he can keep the purpose of the challenge within the frames of the original idea.

Maybe I failed to highlight that, sorry. But in no way I'd try to offend anyone, and there is abslolutely nothing in your post that'd provoke me to do such thing.


As to the last sentence: it relates to the post above your original one, where the troll has attempted to call me a Hypocrite in his own unimitable style. It's not related to anything important.

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Okay. Then no offense taken.

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