Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200 - please note smearing in the fur.

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Re: Filling the frame - For eagle2a

J C Brown wrote:

eagle2a wrote:

Jimmy said: "I am in full agreement with all of your above comments and puzzled as to why you should think otherwise. As you will see from my first post on this thread I agreed with yuki's comment about the quality of the FZ200 image and the skill of the photographer. Also with almost 60 years experience of photography I know the importance of filling the frame wherever possible."

Sorry Jimmy. My post was not directed at anything you said, but rather a general observation. The new forum convention regarding posting still cause me to stubble from time to time.

As a photographer who has spent more time and money than I want to admit, I still have problems filling the frame as much as I should.


PS: You and John Miles should have a lot in common, I would think.:-)

Thanks for the apology Don. I had assumed that, as suggested the automatic header in the new DPR format, your comments were addressed directly to me.

As I regard composition as one of the most important factors in an obtaining an attractive image and most of my photography was done with colour slides I am also well aware of the importance of precise framing. That is why I am so fond of my FZ50's manual zoom ring.

When I started to use a digital camera 12 years ago I found myself very frustrated by the Pinocchio lens and toggle zoom levers of my 3MP Olympus Camedia and my 5MP Panasonic FZ20 which I bought in October 2004.

When it had become clear that Panasonic were unlikely to produce an updated version of the FZ50 I took advantage of a special offer and bought mine for £199.99 in April 2008. Apart from its obvious limitations in low light and at high ISO, I like John Miles am very happy with my FZ50 and its outstanding ergonomic design.

Though I am generally happy with the image quality of the TZ30 which I bought as a camera I could carry in a pocket I frequently find myself frustrated by the difficulty of obtaining sufficiently accurate framing with the tiny toggle zoom lever.


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J C Brown

I agree with your frustration with the "Fly By Wire" zoom of the FZ200 and all other cameras which use this method. Give me a manual zoom any time.

When you and I came up in photography that was the only method in use. Since it was also the only way to focus a lens as well, it just seemed to be right. While I have become accustomed to the current type of zoom the old manual method is still the preferred type for me.

Yes John Miles is quite a crusader for the FZ50 and the manual zoom. I almost bought (sent it back bought FZ200) the Fuji X-S1 because of the buttery smooth manual zoom. But the less than stellar AF and shake reduction turned me off. But there is no question that the X-S1 view finder and manual zoom are the best I have tried in a super zoom camera. To bad that they can not be incorporated into the current FZ200 without increasing the size and weight. "It is to dream!" Oh well.

Good shooting Jimmy.


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