My experience with the D800 and fast primes

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Re: My experience with the D800 and fast primes

dustyj wrote:

Your experience matches mine exactly. I used th 24g on my D3 with fantastic results wide open. I ended up selling the lens when I got the D800 because I just couldn't reliable focus under 2.8. At 1.4 it was laughable how poor the results were. In retrospect I should have sold the D800 and kept the 24g. I'm seriously considering switching to a 5dIII to get back to accurate focus with fast primes

With that being said, at 2.8 and smaller the results are fantastic. It's a serious love/hate relationship.

I have to agree.

The precision / repeat-ability of obtaining accurate focus with the D800 is just not there and it is very frustrating because the sensor is very good. In years past, on this forum, the 5D took heat because it had a good sensor but could not focus - tables have turned.

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