An Ultra-wide Zoom on the way for my 7D! Now what?

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Re: An Ultra-wide Zoom on the way for my 7D! Now what?

katman68 wrote:

After much research, reading reviews, & tracking Ebay forever I finally landed my first ultra-wide! the Tokina 12-24mm/f4 DX II - basically new, only used 2 days

(rarely do they come up used - am guessing owners hang on to them?) The reason the Tokina 11-16/f2.8 wasn't a consideration is I didn't feel I'd be happy w/such a narrow range.

I'd prefer Canon(I've never gone 3rd party before), but with a $200-400 premium I couldn't swing right now for the 10-22(over $700 new) and the Tokina being more robust, sharper, less vignetting, and fairly equal elsewhere(except zoom range & CA) feel it a smart choice. Only issue being, when/if CA raises it's ugly head my Adobe PSE seems to have NO easy correction for this(upgrade in my future - LIghtroom?).

I'm experienced in telephoto(wildlife, auto racing), but NEVER anything so wide perspective. My EF 28-70/f2.8L back in the film days is the widest(lol)! Any pointers to help get the most of such a broad-view lens are greatly appreciated! Creatively it has to be an entirely different ballgame from a perspective point of view or you get frustrated.

Am thinking it'll mostly see nature/landscape scenics, & hopefully real estate properties later if I can get confident enough with it. Am thinking studying some Outdoor Photographer shots in its focal range may be helpful until it comes?

Thanks so much,


Congrats on winning the auction!

As for pointers, when going ultra-wide and you think that you are close to your foreground subject, GET CLOSER!  It's pretty near impossible to get too close, except for people's faces.

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