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Re: No EVF == a Toy? For some people, I guess.

targut wrote:

Michael Barkowski wrote:

I would much rather have my NX200 than a Canon T3i which does not autofocus well when composing on the LCD.

This was one of two reasons why I have abandoned Canon 5DII and switched to mirrorless. The second reason was weight and size. I have never missed a viewfinder on a NX200 and I never use it on Olympus OM-D - my second camera. I just do not need it.

If somebody says that the camera without a viewfinder is a toy - that's OK for me. I can understand that some people may really need a viewfinder for own specific needs and photographic habits. I will just continue taking pictures with my toy. Nothing personal. I need a couple of good lenses and a decent camera, and I have them already.

When NX300 arrives, I'll get it and continue making pictures with it. Peace!

I agree, not sure why people call a camera without a viewfinder a toy, just because they happen to like that feature. We could start saying things like, "Viewfinders for Jacka$$es", I say this sarcastically as it is a nonsensical statement to say it is a toy without a viewfinder. Obviously some people need a viewfinder, but for someone who only used SLR's previously, I only use the viewfinder about 10% of the time and get annoyed when I go back to my D7000 to shoot a wedding and have to mash my face up against it all day and squint with my other eye.

Most people calling them toys are missing the point of waist level shooting. Flip the screen vertical and brace your wrists against chest or belly with both hands gripping the camera, one on the right side grip and the other underneath and it is extremely stable. This is difficult without a flip screen, and works very well with the NX300 style flip screen (not as well on NX20 articulated screen). Then of course overhead shooting, macro shooting from low angles, positioning screen best angle from a tripod, etc.

edit: Heck, modern digital live view (as opposed to film with a ground glass) is nice since the image is rightside up since the processor corrects it for display, no upside down and mirrored composing like on the old view cameras


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