Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200 - please note smearing in the fur.

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Re: Canon 7D - same white-tailed deer I shot yesterday with my FZ200

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Hi Folks:

For your interest..., when I was out photographing white-tailed deer yesterday I met a photographer who was photographing the same group of deer. He was using a Canon 7D with an expensive L series lens, and I was using my FZ200.

I posted my full-sized image of a buck from this group yesterday (see below) and I have taken the liberty of posting three of the other photographer's images here. Please look at the full-sized version of these images and observe the immense amount of detail smearing and blotching produced by this excellent quality camera and superb lens. Keep in mind these are the identical deer shot at exactly the same time, under identical lighting conditions, thus making this a very valid comparison. Also notice the complete absence of detail smearing in the full-sized image of the FZ200 posted yesterday.

The purpose of this comparison is not the trash the 7D in any way ( I love that camera) or L series lenses (I love them too), or to make a claim that the FZ200 is equal to or better than the 7D (it's not), but it is simply to underscore once again, that the FZ200 can produce some excellent quality images when things are set and done well.... AND.... that high-quality equipment alone does not guarantee high-quality results.



What a lousy comparison. Your buck was taken when its head is under sunlight. These bucks were full-body with nice habitat backdrop, on a shade and face not on sunlight and thus high iso kicked in. Your buck shot is just 10% of any of these scenes. Try to shoot it in full-body then come back here with 100% crop.

-=[ Joms ]=-

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