OM-D vs. NEX-6

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Yes, NEX-6 is good in doors focusing

Everdog wrote:

I used a manual focussing film SLR to take pictures of running kids, many many sharp pictures from then.

You are right, for best results with the NEX 6 you have to manually focus. For some reason the AF very slow in doors and worse, the AF points doesn't work well. It creates a giant green box that is about as big as the whole frame and uses that as the AF point meaning anything (the background, the foreground) is where it will try to focus. Making the AF point small only slows it down even more.

Everr reqaaly used a Nex camera? Ever realy tried to use it indoors? Ever had that big green box when you turn the Focaus assist light out (something that is advised on this forum for a long time? Maybe you are a troll who only wants to see the bad points of an other camera then your beloved M43?

all test up till now say the OM-D (what is a great camera) is very fast.

You are right again, the E-M5 is very fast compared to NEX. Add the better lenses and IBIS that works better than the NEX in-lens IS, and it is a no brainer.

You see, here we differ most! I tell people the truth about all cameras (the Nex system is a very good system, capable of taking very good pictures, in and out doors, of running kids and all! So is the M43 system, both with their own strong and weak points.

About the lenses: Nex is getting more and more very nice lenses (like the 19mm 2.8 Sigma the 24mm 1.8 Zeis, the 35mm 1.8 (With OIS) the 50mm 1.8 (with OIS) the 10-18 F4 zoom again with OIS (cheaper and smaller than thec omparable Panasonic (7-14 F4) that costs $888,95 weights 300 gram is 70 diameter and 83.1mm long then nmex lens costs: $ 848,00. weghts 225 gram is 70 mm diameter and only 64mm long, and it has OIS, the Pana has not...

The Nex 6 camera is better at all the immage quality aspects (look at DXO ) compared to the OM-D So you ar right, it is a no brainer, you can get the higest quality pictures of fast moving objects, with AF (Even very nice BIF pictures, look at the Nex forum)

When looking at the pictures of the OP I notriced that not every picture he took is realy sharp, so maybe the focussing is a little of too. Not that I mind, they are very nice pictures, but they could have meen taken with every camera, when it is in the hands of a capable photographer.

You know it is only the bad photographer who blaims their camera...

Sibtw, how many accounts do you have here on DPR now Nevercat?

Why are you so interestesd, do you have more then one account? I have one account, working with it here...

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