Tall tripod or stand.

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Re: Tall tripod or stand.

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What exactly are you using this for?

At those heights you are far better off with a studio stand. But then again if $500 for the Manfrotto 161 is too much, I'm not sure where to point you. Photography ain't cheap! I would be nervous spending less than $500 on a regular sized tripod, the larger ones only cost more.

A bottom-of-the-line studio stand like the Manfrotto Super Salon 280 will run you $2500. And they are not in the least portable.

Another option, if this is only for occasional use, is to get a plate that allows you to connect your tripod head to a super clamp, then clamp the head to whatever you can rig up that high (scaffolding, speed rail, etc..).

Good luck

I do a lot of photos in squat parties so and I want to get above the crowd and use a slow shutter in the dire light. What i think I will do is tape a monopod onto my tripod I'm pretty sure that will work.

An autopole would work better, as long as you don't need to move it frequently. It would only take a minute to move it, but still not as fast as moving a tripod, but it would certainly take less floor space and be more secure.

There is a longer version for 15' ceilings.

You would need a super clamp (probably the single most useful piece of studio grip equipement you can own), and an extension arm:

Or you can get a bundle:



There are less expensive alternatives, if you can make do with a staight arm instead of an articulated one.

Brian A

Excellent idea but these are often held in warehouses where the ceilings can be 40 foot high.

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