Travel advice please: Las Vegas to Seattle

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Re: Travel advice please: Las Vegas to Seattle

I live in Seattle and as has been suggested before, I'd rather fly. If you only have 2 weeks you'll spend 10+ days of that driving. Not that it's a bad thing, there is plenty to see on the way and just as many different routes. You could drive one route from LV to Seattle, and a different one back. I just hate riding (driving) in a car that long. Las Vegas is a popular destination and there are several flights to be had on the cheap to and from that city. If you can find cheap tickets from Vegas to Seattle, I'd opt for that. Depending on the time of year you travel the weather could be a problem when traveling through the mountain passes. If it were me, I'd fly from Vegas to Seattle, rent a car, see some sites (a day going 90 east, a day in the Olympics, Ranier, ect) and fly back to Vegas for one night.

As you get closer to your vacation (planning) feel free to PM me for a list of things to see and do. Not that I'm a travel guide or have any more than you'd find on the web, but sometimes it's nice to have that "local perspective" as well as a "photographers perspective".

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