Where to buy foot shoe for f58am

Started Jan 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
gblatchford Regular Member • Posts: 285
Re: Where to buy foot shoe for f58am

You can cannibalise an old xi-series flash, cheap off ebay or online stores such as LCE, Ffordes etc.

AS long as you're reasonably happy doing the delicate disassemnbly, it's not too hard without soldering involved from what I remember. I do it about twice a year.

Failing that PM me and I can look in my emails for a part number, ordered from NEDIS UK, as long as it's the same stock part for the 56AM and others. Should be, easy job and takes an hour if you're dilligent, quicker if you're versed.
NB take photos at every stage for reference.

Once you've done it, it's easy as your fear disappears the subsequent occasions, happens to me often during Press work.


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