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Re: "I do not need an EVF" :-)

Desverger wrote:

tombell1 wrote:

For me the tilting screen is a big improvement in a camera with no EVF .. but I cannot for the life of me see why the optional EVF is not available as it was on the NX100 ......

I'm guessing the reason is cost. That plus Samsung knows exactly how many people bought the EVF for the NX100, and if that number is small, which it likely is, they may have decided they'd rather invest in other features that sell more. Of course, all this also depends on what the demographics are. If most NX users aren't serious photographers, then perhaps it makes sense to ditch the optional EVF. I think the NX20 is the camera they're targeting at the enthusiasts and it has a built in EVF and articulated screen. And it kinda makes sense considering the price difference between the NX210 and the NX20 is about the price of the EVF.

Maybe it is, maybe not !

The NX20 is definitely too expensive for what it is, whereas he carries all the actual NX flaws ! I like my NX1000 for the price, but it's rather useless when the sun shines too bright or at the dusk because of the lack of a clear and readable display. An optional EVF like the one one the NX100 would be a must to me, the thing to keep hidden in you bag or pocket until you really need it.

A great friend of mine bought one for his NEX-5, and it's a wonderful addition when needed. A bit expensive, but I could totally forget my DSLR with such an addition (except for the biggest lenses, of course) !

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