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Re: SX50HS tele-converter

Steen Bay wrote:

fck wrote:

At max. telephoto what are the advantages of using one of the TC options? Would't you achieve a better result by using max. optical zoom only and then cropping to an equivalent size?

The digital zoom/TC is 'just' an in-camera cropping and upsampling back to 12mp, so the result should be pretty much the same, but not impossible that the camera can do it a bit better than you can do yourself from the JPEG file, because the camera can use the original RAW data. And not impossible either that you can achive an even better (or at least different) result if shooting RAW (where the digital zoom/TC isn't available) and doing the cropping/processing yourself.

Many thanks for the input. However has anyone actually done a comparison at max.telephoto between the jpeg images using the TC options versus equivalent size images arrived at by cropping shots taken  using only the max. optical zoom?

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