got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

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Re: got a 2nd in a challenge!!!!

El Crapio wrote:

pocoloco wrote:

I am just saying, life isn't just black and white. If someone forgot to enter a description but submitted a great image, I appreciate it if the host values the image over the fact that the entrant forgot to enter a description. In my opinion the challenges are all about the images, not about rules that have little or nothing to do with the image, that is why a prefer the more lenient approach... but like I said it's the hosts prerogative if he/she thinks a strict ruling should be enforced.

I do agree that for sake of fairness the ruling of the host should be consistent, not in the least for rules that really are all about the image.

I can partially relate with this; the deciding factor being whether the entrant gains an unfair advantage by violating a rule. For example, falsifying a capture date, or entering a photo you have entered in a previous challenge does give such an advantage. As for other rules, such as descriptions, borders etc... well, I'd say they don't really affect the challenge.

The question is, if they're not enforced then why are they in the rules to begin with? It's simple really from my perspective. Less minor "nitpicky" rules. Keep the important ones (those that would give unfair advantage if broken). Enforce them.

You might even have explained it better then how I was trying to.

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