what can a program like lightroom do?

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Re: what can a program like lightroom do?

MrMojo wrote:

Address the reason(s) why your flash photos are under-exposed instead of relying on post-processing to fix the problem.

Having come of age shooting slide film I had to learn how to get it right in the camera because there was no way to fix the image after the fact. Improve your shooting skills, particularly exposure metering. Too many "photographers" rely on "spray and pray," "chimping" images using the camera LCD and post-processing to compensate for a lack of basic photographic skills. Don't fall into that trap because PP can't fix everything and bad habits are difficult to break.

Having said that, if you shoot RAW you can expect around 1-2 stops of "headroom" that makes it possible to correct exposure problems during editing. Lightroom and other image editing software have the tools to correct these problems. But if the image is under-exposed too much then the results won't be very good.

Be sure to take advantage of free demo periods to see how you like software that you are considering. What works for me may not be your cup of tea. Use books and online tutorials to learn how to use the software. The more proficient you are with whatever software you use, the better the results will be...

Thanks very much. I DO want to correct my exposures--I too picked up my first camera before digital, but I have forgotten a lot--I was just curious what the software had to offer in the meantime. Not used to even having that possibility...


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