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Re: Dell 2410 for $399

NewsyL wrote:

The U2410 is nearing "end of life" with Dell. Buy it before it is gone as its' replacement, the U2413 is going to be closer to $700 than $400. However, I think the U2413 will be a far superior monitor than the U2410, almost in NEC PA241w class.

You should be able to find the U2412M for about $250-270 USD/CAD. It was selling here over the Xmas season for $249 CAD.

Before committing to the U2410, ensure you understand what "wide gamut" means to you.


Thanks for your very detailed reply. I believe I have a good handle on the advantages /disadvantages of a wide gamut monitor. I use Photoshop CS5 for my editing and QImage for printing. I realize the over saturated effects that a non color managed program will show. Unfortunately I have an older monitor calibrator (I1D2) but realize that any new monitor, especially any with a LED backlight, will require me to get new calibrating HW. I know that the Dell 2410 is not LED backlight. Thinking about the Colormunki Display. For printer profiling I use the older XRite Pulse Elite system (recommendation from Bob Petruska) and get excellent results. Had a Spyder 3 that produced iffy profiles that needed extensive tweaking and little support from Datacolor. Bob convinced me to get the Pulse Elite - got mine off E-Bay for ~$100 plus a second DTP20UV for ~$60. Excellent buy.

Also realize that Dell is coming out with the 2413 units but at twice the price (at least initially), I'm not sure it is worth it. I did seriously consider the Dell 2412. My other monitors now are a Dell 2209WA, plus an old Samsung TN which will be replaced by the new one. I think the 2209 is an 8 bit panel while the 2412 plus the other HP and Asus monitors I was considering are 6 bit, faked up to 8 bit. If the wide gamut gives me problems I can probably set it to run in sRGB mode - at a true 8 bits? I have also read about the pink/green tint on some 2410s, but not mentioned as much in recent reviews.

I just think that if I go for a cheaper (but not very much) <sRGB gamut monitor I will always be bothered and think I should have spent the about $100 more for a wide gamut unit - at least 100% sRGB. But that $100 is all the more that I want to spend. Think I need to just grab it while it is still available.

Steve W.

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