Help picking Nikon Lenses for under $250

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Re: Help picking Nikon Lenses for under $250

As others have stated,  your library may be the best place to start learning.    If you had more success with your sister's longer lens, it may have been the composition, not the quality of the lens per say.  Longer lenses make it easier to isolate your subject and cut out distractions.   You can partially duplicate the effect by getting closer.   I think the 18-55 VR has a minimum focusing distance of around 1'.   Why not try taking some outdoor pics at the MFD of your lens and see how it compares to the  55-200?    I would also critically look at others photos and see what you like about them.  The try to duplicate those aspects/photos.

As far as what to buy, I would +1 a previous poster who recommended a bounce flash.  It will transform your indoor photos.

Lastly, it sounds like you are shooting jpg's.  Pardon me if I am wrong.  But if so, I would highly recommend you switch to raw.  If you don't get things exactly right when you take a pic, often you can correct it in post with raw.  In particular, you should be able to fix dark and grainy pictures.   To start with I would download trail versions of LightRoom and Topaz Denoise.    But be sure to check out other raw converters and noise removal software.  It may be that you find that you prefer something like Picasa to a full fledged raw converter.

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