P7700's Digital Zoom examples

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Re: P7700's Digital Zoom examples

rhit wrote:

Hi Folks,

I've noticed continued antagonizing between Nikonworks and Shotcents. Lately, the most either of you has contributed to the Coolpix forum is ample evidence that each of you knows how to push the other's buttons.

On more than one occasion, one has posted something, and the other has chimed in, entirely derailing the conversation.

It doesn't matter if one misinforms, as long as one's statements are supported with personal experiences or evidence and it isn't intentional. There's no explicit rule against fanboyism or misinforming. The more people contribute to the conversation, the more the truth will be evinced from the discussion, ultimately providing an appropriate answer at the end. Instead, however, you both appear to have an affinity for bickering and essentially kill the thread, deterring anyone else from wanting to participate.

It isn't fun for anyone else.

In the future, I recommend that when either of you responds to the other, you share your opinions and thoughts - and move on. Arguing the same point and/or defending your viewpoints quickly reaches a point of diminishing returns and as such no longer contributes to the general discussion - or anyone else's enjoyment of the thread.

P.S. I like to be a mod who remains mostly out of the way, but I felt compelled to finally write something because it's getting out of hand. If you you have any disagreements with or concerns regarding my posting, send me a private message.



Please don't include me with Shotcents.You should have banned him already.

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